Summary of Rules

1) Pupils must attend school all day, every day.

2) Absence to be explained via Journal.

3)  Late arrivals must report to office to register.

4) Note via Journal to request permission to leave school during day, and

5) Phone call from parent/guardian to the college authorising student to leave school.

6) Notes must explain reason for absence.

7) Absence/leave must be approved by Year Head.

8) Pupil must sign out at office before leaving premises.

9) Only named person can collect pupil.

10) Arrive and attend all classes punctually.

11) Students are not permitted to leave school grounds during breaks.

12) Ensure all books & materials required, for day including P.E. gear.

13) Pupils must do P.E. unless exempted by Principal.  Parent/Guardian may be asked to verify not eby medical evidence/cert

14) Pupils may not drive cars into school car park unless authorised by Principal/Dep. Principal.

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