Summary of Rules

1) Pupils must attend in full uniform.

2) Punctual arrival to school & classes.

3) Orderly and mannerly behaviour in classrooms, corridors and campus.

4)  Use seat & desk allocated by teacher.

5) Leave class tidy and exit orderly.

6) Follow teacher instructions in class.

7) No substance, items or material that can be offensive, dangerous, distracting or inappropriate to be brought to school.

8) Walk on right of and No bags left in corridors.

9) Link corridors between resource areas are to be kept clear at all times to facilitate freedom of movement.

10) Canteen/Tuck Shop: Queue mannerly.

11) Use marked pedestrian exits: Take care getting on/off buses.

12) Behave appropriately when in uniform outside the school

13) No facial jewelery.

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