TY Mini Company

Pictured is the Transition Year group who visited the RDS in Dublin to sell the items which they manufactured in their enterprise class. The occasion was very successful and enjoyable.

The class sold items at a Craft Fair in St Johnston & at the Craft Fair in Deele College.
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Deele College Students Interview Boxing Champion Jason Quigley

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As part of their English and Communication course, the 5LCA class had to carry out an interview with a person of their choice. As a class group they chose to interview professional boxer Jason Quigley.

On Monday 8th September Jason arrived at the school and spent an hour with the 5LCA class. The students questioned Jasonon his career to date and his hopes and aspirations for the future. The interview was a great success as Jason really engaged with the students and gave very detailed honest answers. The students were very attentive throughout the course of the interview.

We were very grateful to Jason for agreeing to the interview in between training sessions. We wish him every success in his future career.

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