Christmas Shoebox Appeal



It is that time of year again. You and your family have the opportunity to fill a Christmas Shoe Box for a child in either Eastern Europe or Africa who will not get any other presents for Christmas.
It does take effort for us to fill the boxes but it is so worthwhile when you see their faces on the videos and hear back the happiness it gives them through their letters. The children do be delighted with the box and so do their parents, if they are with them.
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All classes will be creating shoeboxes, it would be appreciated if everyone could donate a little.

Last date for submitting the filled shoeboxes is Friday 27th October

Thank You.

Schools to Remain Closed Tomorrow – Tuesday 17 October 2017

Following careful consideration by the National Emergency Coordination Group, the Department of Education and Skills, has decided that all schools will remain closed tomorrow.
This decision was primarily taken in the interests of child safety and on the basis of information available in what is a developing situation.  While it is recognised that some schools may not be as badly impacted as others, the information available at this time indicates that over 350,000 businesses and homes are already without power, and severe winds continue to cause damage across the country as the storm progresses. Many regional and local roads are closed due to fallen trees.
It is also the case that school authorities will in very many cases not have had an opportunity to check their buildings and confirm they are safe, have power and water, and that routes to the school are safely open.
It is recognised that the decision to close schools will have a major impact on families and on the workforce. However, this decision has been taken in the interests of safety for children and to provide clarity for everyone concerned.

The Royal and Prior Comprehensive School and Deele College Press Statement

On the morning of Thursday 14th September 2017, a bus taking students to The Royal and Prior Comprehensive School and Deele College, Raphoe and was involved in a road accident with another vehicle in the St Johnston area of Co Donegal. The emergency services were contacted and attended the scene of the accident. There were 20 students from the two schools involved in the accident. A number of students attended Letterkenny University Hospital following the accident and the remaining students proceeded to school or returned home under the care of parents or friends. All students have now been discharged from Letterkenny University Hospital.
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Return Dates for Locks


Can students empty their lockers of books and all other items, the books are to be returned to the school and the locks to Mr. Kelly on the following dates.

First Year:- Thursday 1st June

Second Year:- Wednesday 31st May

Third Year:- Wednesday 31st May

Fifth year:- Tuesday 30th May

Ty, LCA & Sixth year :- Tuesday 23rd May